Content Strength Level 1 : Bikini

Content Level 1 - Bikini

 Content Level 1 restricts the promotion of the following:

Images, including animations, depicting:

  • adult content;
  • sexually suggestive images or wording;
  • full nudity, breasts and/or genitalia;
  • body parts only (i.e. without the head-shots
  • offensive, strong language, swear-words or language of a sexual nature
  • sexual enhancement treatments and pharmaceuticals

Reporo does not permit on any Content Level:

  • content or behaviour that breaches Mobad's Content Restrictions & Compliance Policies.
  • Illegal content or content that breaches the local laws and regulations of the countries in which the banner and/or campaign will be displayed/served.

Examples - Dating Sites


Examples - Bikini

 yogawear.pngswimwear.png bikini_2.png




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