Banner compliance

All banners must be within the 300kb weight limit. Banners above 300kb cannot be uploaded to our platform as they significantly reduce performance.

Publisher Banner Policies

Certain Publishers require that banners must contain either text or a logo. Further, their policies require that banners must not imitate or mimic a site's elements to appear as part of the page rather than a banner on the page, such as fake page numbers, time views and imitation of the site's branding and/or colour scheme.

To ensure that banners reach maximum performance, ensure that they adhere to both Mobads and Publisher Banner policies, as follows:

  • within 300kb
  • must have relevant branding / logo / text
  • must not imitate or mimic a site's elements, including branding and/or colour scheme
  • must not have fake page numbers or time views 
  • must not have non-functional exit options
  • must not have deceptive buttons

Publisher Policy - Non-compliant:

(no branding or text)

(no branding or text, fake play/time view)

(no branding or text, imitating site elements/fake pagination)

(no branding or text, imitating site elements/ fake pagination)

(deceptive buttons, i.e. fake 'x', 'no/yes', 'cancel' buttons)

Publisher Policy - Compliant :




Additionally all of the banners in the Mobads network must be categorised by the suitable content level. For more details about the content levels permitted on the Mobads platform click find-out-more-bt.png 






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