Non-Compliant on the Mobads network

Mobads has the right to pause any campaigns that negatively affect our network. We do not allow:

  • Non-compliant banners, URLs and/or landing pages 
  • The use of copyrighted banners, images, landing pages, logos etc
  • Facebook, Whatsapp, Android, Apple or any other brand imitation (including colours, themes, buttons and text that imitates these brands) without proof of consent
  • Landing pages with malicious and/or harmful programs, codes, spywares or adwares
  • Landing pages that engage in any illegal online activities such a phishing, spoofing or spamming
  • Content that promotes non-compliant forms of practice in gambling
  • Any ads that are misleading or deceptive
  • Campaign assets containing any adult content - Universal and Bikini are the only content strengths permitted in Mobads network for banners and landing pages.

Please refer to the individual articles under Compliance for further clarification on the terms used here.

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