Adjusting Campaign Targeting

Adjusting Campaign Targeting

Campaign Targeting can be changed for all Campaigns created via the Mobads Client Dashboard.

Please Note: if a campaign has been created by our Account Management Team you will need to contact them to have this changed. To contact the team please email

To change the targeting of a Campaign you have created via the Client Dashboard please follow these steps:

  1. Select Campaigns tab -> Manage Campaigns
  2. Select the Campaign Group containing the Campaign

This will take you to the Campaign Properties page. From here you will be able to select the Targeting tab as seen in below.

Once 'Targeting' has been selected you will be able to add/remove the following targeting options

  1. Geo
  2. Network
    Under 'Network' you can chose to target: all traffic; one or more specific Carriers (Operator); WIFI only; or an IP or IP list. 
  3. Handset
    3.1 Operating system by: a specific OS or alternatively chose to target Featurephones.

    3.2 Manufacturer by: on or more handset manufacturers.
    3.3 Device Type by: Mobile Phones; Tablets; or both.
    3.4 Brower by: one or more mobile web browser
  4. Time and Day Parting 

Please Note: all times shown are based on UTC.

If you require additional targeting that is not available via the Mobads Client Dashboard please contact




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