Important information for Advertisers

Thank you for choosing to run your campaign with us! We’d like to make you aware of some important information to keep in mind when setting up your campaign. Should you have any questions about any of the points below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager. Please cc the Sales /Account manager on all queries, set ups and requests you send to the Tracking Manager so they are aware of any new campaigns or changes that are made under your account. We will turn around your campaigns on a best effort basis. Please be mindful of your account manager's geo location when sending requests after hours.

Traffic And Targeting

Traffic volumes constantly fluctuate due to ad network changes. The amount of traffic generated depends on other advertiser’s bidding on the same profile of traffic and the introduction of new publishers. The more targeting limitations you place on your campaign, the less traffic you are likely to receive. Upon launch of your campaign, please ensure you keep a close eye on activity to ensure you are receiving the traffic you expected. Please contact your account manager if you spot something unexpected.

Bids, Budget & Capping

Keep your bid competitive to aid healthy delivery of your campaigns. These bids change periodically, so please bear this in mind when running your campaign. Our system allows total and daily advertiser budgets. Please ensure your advertiser budgets are proportionate considering the campaigns you have. You can apply distribution capping on the campaign level.

Optimisation, Pausing & Data

It is best practice to have a minimum of 5 banner designs per banner size with banners in all required sizes to support different user handsets in the banner network and at least 2 URLs with different landing pages for the redirect and popunder network. Should you wish to pause a campaign please send the applicable campaign names and IDs. Without these we cannot pause your campaigns. Mobads click analytic data is based on a raw hit count. Please bear this in mind should you spot any discrepancies with your campaigns and flag them with us immediately.

Duplicating Campaigns

Mobads will not accept requests for campaigns to be duplicated with the same URL and targeting. Duplicating campaigns has a negative effect on our network and we can no longer allow this. We are constantly monitoring our network to ensure no duplicate campaigns are running.

URLs & Malicious Campaigns

Mobads does not allow the placement of creatives or direction to landing pages where the product delivered is not as described. Our system detects malicious links and your campaign will be removed from the system if these are detected in your campaign. See full details on our Compliance Policy and Content Restrictions under Compliance.

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