Mobads Banner Library User Guide

The banner library is a functionality of the dashboard that enables you to use Mobads internal banners for your campaigns. You will be able to pick from Mobads internal library which include all banner types delivered. Additionally, new creatives will be added regularly. 

Once you have successfully created and saved your Campaign Group and Campaign you can add your desired banners by clicking  

Selecting your banner

If you have already uploaded and created your own personal banners, Select “Choose from your own creatives”. To learn more on how to upload your own creatives Click   

Alternatively you can choose from a wide variety of in-house approved banners by selecting “Choose from Mobads approved banners”.

Once inside the banner library, to ease your search in the library, you may narrow your search through Languages, Niches, Tags and Content Level. Then click on Fetch Banners to apply your preferences.


To help you scroll through our banners, you may change the size of the way the banners are displayed by clicking on   . You can also view all available sizes for the banner set by clicking on the  icon.

Suggestion: Pick banners which are related to your product type as this will improve the performance of your campaign. You may pick up to 10 banner sets (1 set = 4 different formats of the same creative)  for your campaign.  They will appear as ticked in the library. To proceed, click on  

3. Next, you need to name your campaign, select your CPC, enter your url, and add a text below your ad
(if desired).


Note : In the section Text Below Image, you may enter any sentence below 40 characters to create a combination ad. This text will appear below your banners. 

4. (Optional) When clicking on  you can choose to customise each banner set (includes all 4 types) by choosing different names, CPCs, urls and texts below the banner for each. 

5. Once you are happy click  

6. You will finally be presented with the list of banners you previously selected. Here you will be able to manually change each banner's CPC, url and/or status.

Note: You can manually pause banners by changing their individual status, and if you did not select a CPC amount at the start a default amount will be applied.     



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