Publisher Self Service Sign-Up

Step 1 - Registration | Step 2 - Verification | Step 3 - Payment Details | Step 4 - Terms & Conditions | Step 5 - Successful Registration

Step 1 - Registration

Click on Sign-Up. Then enter your details and select which service you require; Advertiser, if you want to buy traffic, or Publisher if you want to sell traffic.


Step 1.1

Enter your Details.



Step 2 - Verification

A verification code will be sent to the mobile number supplied in Step 1.1



Step 2.1

You will receive an email as part of the verification. Please follow the link provided in the email to finalise verification and payment details.


Step 3 - Payment Details

Please enter your payment details carefully to ensure we can pay you for your traffic. We support 3 payment methods, Paypal, Paxum and Wire Transfer. For more details on Payment Terms please refer to our Publisher Terms & Conditions Agreement


Step 4 - Terms & Conditions

To finalise the sign up we ask you read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and Compliance Policy & Content Restrictions.


Step 5 - Successful Registration

Congratulations you have successfully registered as a publisher on the Mobads Network.
You now have access to your Mobads Dashboard from where you can add websites and zones to view your reports.


To learn more about the features available to you in your dashboard click find-out-more-bt.png

For a guide on how to add Websites & Zones click find-out-more-bt.png




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