Campaign Group Balance & Reallocating Funds

The Campaign Group Balance is the amount of funds assigned to all Campaigns within that group.

Working with the Campaign Group Balance.

The funds from the Campaign Group Balance may not be spent equally across all Campaigns because the performance of a Campaign is affected by it's bid and targeting. Some campaigns may spend more than others if it's bid is higher or the targeting is more open.

Managing Spend

The Campaign Group Balance is used to manage spend. Once the balance of a Campaign Group has been spent, all Campaigns in the group will stop receiving traffic but will not be paused or expired. Once further funds are added to the Campaign Group Balance the Campaigns in that group will start receiving traffic again.

To ensure Campaign Groups and Campaigns do not exceed a certain spend limit, use the Daily Revenue Cap on the Campaign or the Daily Budget Spend on the Campaign Group to set the daily spend limit.

Allocating and Reallocating Funds (Prepay accounts)

To allocated or reallocate funds between Campaign Groups on a Prepay account follow these steps below:

1. Login to the Mobads Client Dashboard
2. Select the 'Financials' tab
3. Select 'Allocate Funds' from the drop-down menu



This will load all active campaign groups and their current available balance. Your un-allocated funds are displayed at the top of the campaign groups as well as in the top right hand corner of the main navigation bar:


To allocate funds to a campaign from your un-allocated funds, enter the amount you would like to allocate next to the Campaign Group you would like to allocate it to, then press the green + button (as below). This will add the funds to the selected Campaign Group.

To re-allocate funds from one Campaign Group to another, enter the amount you would like to re-allocate next to the Campaign Group you would like to take it from and press the red - button (as below). This will re-allocate the funds back to your total un-allocated funds. Then to allocate these funds to another Campaign Group, enter the amount you would like to allocate next to the desired Campaign Group and press the green + button (as per the step above).



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