Financials / Payment



All Pre-pay account holders will be able to manage their financials through the Dashboard. If you are a Post-pay account holder you may contact your Account Manager for further details. 

In the Financials section menu, select from 4 options (subject to account status)

1. Make Payment
2. Allocate Funds
3. Payment History
4. Invoice History  

1. Make Payment :

  • Payment method (PayPal 4% Fee, Credit Card 2% Fee over $1000 , Paxum No Fee, Wire Transfer No Fee)
  • Leave a Reference (optional)
  • Enter transaction amount (credit card/Paypal fee 2% for spending over £1000, Paxum no fees)


2. Allocate Funds : Select the campaigns you would like to make a payment against in the box ‘Campaign Groups’ enter the amount you would like to pay for each campaign  


3. Payment History : View all history of transactions.

4. Invoice History :
View all history of Invoices.

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